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Natural chocolate brown possum fur blankets

Natural chocolate brown possum fur blankets

These premium quality possum fur throws are made to order - allow 6-10 weeks

Natural Chocolate Brown is a perfect dark toned rich chocolate brown. It displays some subtle tonal fluctuation with the edges of each pelt being slightly lighter than the middle and still has a hint of the lighter natural undercoat in soft beige.

This comes with a lovely velvet textured fabric backing which stops the blanket from slipping off your bed. The fabric backing is the closest match we can find to compliment the fur colour and is a chocolate brown.
All possum fur pelts are now made to order and the tanneries are  running at full capacity. Demand is out-striping supply and when you place an order please understand that the tannery already has back-orders of at least 4 weeks, we apologize for this inconvenience - this is an industry wide issue.

possum throw bed sizesFor an explanation of the possum blanket sizes and New Zealand standard bed sizes visit this page. We can also quote custom sizes. Please contact us with your measurements.

New Zealand Possum fur is an incredibly silky soft, plush, warm, lightweight and luxurious natural product. In fact they say it is the third warmest fur in the world after polar bear and Arctic fox because of its hollow hair structure that traps warmth like a thermos. And just like polar bear hair, it is the hallow hair structure that does not allow possum fur to freeze, even when exposed to extreme cold. Possum fur is said to be 14% lighter and 8% warmer than wool. So we should all be curled up under a possum fur blanket keeping warm this winter.

New Zealand possum fur is considered durable so if it is well looked after and correctly cleaned and stored when not in use it can last up to 10 years or longer.

For more information about the steps needed to make a possum blanket and why they cost what they cost please read this page.

Real customer testimonials

Dear Kirsty, We love our possum skin throw.  The chocolate colour is so rich, and the fur shines beautifully, highlighting the natural variations in the pelts. On colder nights we throw it on top of our covers. It feels light and warm.  I LOVE the feel of the fur brushing against my skin.  It is one of those rare purchases that fill me with delight and happiness every time I think of it or see it.  My only regret is that we didn't get one a long time ago." Sharon - Tauranga - New Zealand

Qty Description Price
Chocolate double blanket 135x162cm $2,799.00
Chocolate queen blanket 180x162cm $3,799.00
Chocolate queen overlap blanket 180x198cm $4,599.00
Chocolate king blanket 225x162cm $4,599.00
Chocolate king overlap blanket 225x198cm $5,599.00
Chocolate super king blanket 225x198cm $5,599.00
Chocolate Cali king blanket 270x198cm $6,699.00

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