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When buying from  Gorgeous Creatures, you will enjoy the benefits of our knowledge and experience, and you have our promise that you will receive all the pre-sale advice and after-sales service you need to feel confident in your purchase. Experience the difference and shop with us!

Our Customers Say

"I found an amazing cow skin ottoman in one of Sydney's chicest designer furniture stores, the price tag, however, was horrifying. I searched on line for an alternative and came across Gorgeous Creatures. While it was a quite a significant investment to be made across the seas, the team at GC were incredibly helpful and open. It gave me the confidence to place the order, pay the money and cross my fingers. I could not be happier. The resulting Ottoman is far better than the one I saw at the original retailer at about 1/3 of the price. I've only had it a week (very fast, well communicated delivery) but everyone that walks into my home is bowled over by how chic it looks. It is a beautiful piece that I'm sure will give us many, many years of pleasure. Thanks GC. Dale - Sydney - Australia."

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