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Vibrant Velvet Ottomans

Plush, Luxurious and Glowing Velvet on Furniture

When it comes to tactile fabrics, nothing beats velvet on an ottoman. When you run your hand over the velvet shortcut surface it feels soft and indulgent. At Gorgeous Creatures we openly admit to an addiction to velvet. The way that velvet reflects and absorbs light makes colours glow.

Whether it is a rich deep saturated red or a subtle muted oyster or duck egg blue, each colour has a luminosity that can only be described as divine. Be brave with velvet, this is your chance to make a statement. Velvet ottomans are a wonderful way to introduce velvet into your home.

Velvet is considered beautiful for many compelling reasons:-

Luxurious Texture:

Beautiful velvet ottomans by Gorgeous Creatures

Velvet is known for its soft, plush texture that feels incredibly luxurious to the touch. This tactile quality creates an immediate sense of opulence and comfort, making velvet ottomans visually and physically inviting. You will catch yourself unconsciously stroking the surface of velvet, it has a comforting feeling. Velvet can be flat, crushed, or embossed for a different look.

Rich and Lustrous Appearance:

Velvet has a distinct sheen that catches and reflects light, giving it a rich and lustrous appearance. This inherent shimmer adds an element of elegance and sophistication to the ottoman, making it visually stunning. Velvet can be a "dry velvet", meaning the surface looks somewhat dry, and matt absorbing the light, or it can be a "wet velvet", meaning it looks shiny like water and reflects the light.

Vibrant Colours:

Velvet upholstery can hold and display dyed colours exceptionally well. The fabric's deep, saturated hues create a striking visual impact, making velvet ottomans an ideal choice for those who appreciate a bold and vibrant colour palette. But lighter pastel tones also look amazing in velvet, try a soft champagne gold, subtle green or gentle pink with neutrals like ecru, pearl or antique white.

Timeless Elegance:

Velvet has been associated with luxury and elegance for centuries, making it a timeless choice in interior design. Originating in Baghdad, around 750 A.D. velvet ottomans exude a sense of timeless classic beauty that transcends trends and fads. Velvet can also work wonderfully in a classical, modern, or eclectic home.

Versatility and Adaptability:

Velvet can adapt to a variety of design styles, whether it's used in traditional, contemporary, or eclectic settings. This versatility allows velvet ottomans to blend seamlessly with different decor aesthetics. Depending on how you use it on furniture or drapery, velvet can swing from traditional to contemporary effortlessly.

Variety of Patterns:

Velvet ottomans can be found in various patterns and designs, from solid colours to intricate botanical prints, stripes, spots, or embossed hi-low textures. Patterns like floral, jungle, nature, art deco, tapestry, or geometric can also be printed onto the surface of velvet. This diversity in patterns provides options for individuals with different style preferences. We enjoy mixing velvet patterns and textures for a fun and playful aesthetic.Vibrant velvet ottomans by Gorgeous Creatures

Textural Contrast:

The use of velvet introduces a textural contrast to a room, especially when paired with other fabrics or solid materials like wood, stone, metal, or glass. This contrast can add depth and interest to the overall interior design softening hard edges. Some velvets have an in-built visual quality like a slightly mottled texture or a subtle pattern.

Comfort and Coziness:

Velvet's soft and warm feel makes it a cozy choice, making velvet ottomans and footstools inviting places to sit or rest your feet. Their comfort factor adds to their beauty, as they are both visually appealing and comfortable to use. Velvet feels soft like a cat or rabbit's fur, it is very comforting and mesmerising to stroke.


High-quality upholstery velvet is a durable material, resistant to wear and tear, which means that velvet ottomans can maintain their beauty and shape over time, even with regular use. If the velvet pile gets bruised a light steam can revive the pile to look new again.

Statement Pieces:

Velvet ottomans often serve as statement pieces, drawing attention and becoming a focal point in a room. Or use a pair of matching footstools to create symmetry. Their beauty can be used to enhance the overall decor and create a lasting impression. The sense of luxury, glamour, and sophistication that velvet brings to a room is unmatched by almost anything else.


Velvet ottomans can be customized to suit individual preferences, allowing you to choose the colour, pattern, and both fabric and ottoman design that aligns with your style, further enhancing their beauty. A velvet ottoman can be as conservative and classic or as bold and modern as you like.

In summary, velvet ottomans are considered beautiful because of their sumptuous texture, rich appearance, timeless elegance, versatility, and ability to create a sense of luxury and comfort. They can be both visually striking and inviting, making them an appealing addition to a wide range of interior design schemes.

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